view on the gates of Argonath at WesLorien on vibel grid


WesLorien’s Elvenwood offers a warm welcome to all natural wood loving creatures. Once the home of the Lorien Elves, the region was depopulated during the Fourth Age until all Elves were gone. The woods and the elven homes have been maintained by the creatures who reside there, hoping l that the Elves eventually will return to claim their home once again.
Read Elbereth Elentari’s Diary entry about her visit to WesLorien here: 

1.    Arrival

You will land at the edge of WesLorien woods, where the ancient Elven Tree houses are found near the largest waterfall of the region.  The tree houses are furnished but empty, waiting for the Lorien Elves to resume their residence.
There, you can pick up some boxed gifts. 
Move cautiously and be silent, because you will find very shy unicorns there (they will hide when you come too close), as well as other wildlife that dwells these parts of the woods.

2.    The Lorien Tree Houses & The Councel Throne (& how to use the teleporter Tree Stumps)

When you climb the stairs – or sit on the teleporter tree stump at the bottom of the tree house –   you can overlook the compartments of the waterfall.  If you focus well, you might find the throne of where the elven councel used to be held high up, where the waterfall splits.  Only handy elves are agile enough to climb the trees and swiftly reach the councel area.

3.    The White [ Elven Houses ]  (81, 164, 28)

Use the treestump teleporter (either at the Councel or at any Tree House) and choose [ Elven Houses ]. You will arrive at the main white elven house near the bottom of the waterfalls.  Feel free to use the area to relax and enjoy the neighbourhood and perhaps have a nice photoshoot.
The wooden bench has some unique fun animations for [3 Friends Sitting & Talking] try out the menu.
To move around the elven houses, use any of the small gazebo teleporters and choose [Across]

4.    Now you can cam around and see the Orgonath

The Gates of Argonath are "the pillars of the kings". Near the gate, you can use the [Scrying Bowl) at the top of the hill at the 4 pillars monument.

5.    Sailing at WesLorien (243, 88, 21)

You can choose a Loria (White) Elvenship that can host 3 people (1st one to sit is the sailor) and use the arrow keys to sail along.
To accelerate/decelerate use the Arrow UP / DOWN keys.
To STOP abruptly, STAND UP.

The (Brown) Draker ship works the same way and can host 4 people (1st one to sit is the sailor)

DON’T pass the Bouy’s.  You will crash if you do.

6a.    Three Spirits (499, 470, 22)

Go back to the main white elven house (near the bottom of the waterfalls) and find the tree stump teleporter  in front of the house -> sit and choose  [Tree Spirits] 
we will now travel into the woods, passing the huge sylvan elven tree until tree beard and his companions will call you to halt (you cannot walk any further south).  Here are the tree spirits.  They might encircle you, just keep calm.  The tree spirits have never harmed unveil minds to date. 
This part of the woods is one of the popular places where wood lovers like to hang out or bond with nature.

6b  The new Unicorn Family

Just recently the locals detected a newly arrived family of Unicorns (Animesh Horses) that roam the area where the Three Spirits are. 

When I researched scripting a wandering animal such as a horse, using llKeyFramedMotion (for it is known to be the most low-lag smooth moving solution) , being a non-coder myself,  I consulted several experienced scripters. Kelso Uxlay (Novale grid) and Kayaker Magic (Discovery grid) provided quite helpful information and tools, but without the push in the back by Satyr Aeon, who posted a complete and utterly minimalistic script "Random Wanderers with KeyframeMotion" for all of us to learn from at
I can only cheer Satyr's comprehensive scripting ability to deliver in a few lines of code, what others produce with a multitude of lines of coding.
The wandering script (link provided above) was extended with several great features:
- walk area limitation: on top of the "avoid to walk into water" feature, an area limiter has been built in, so we can contain our critters in small areas
- the horses & the wolves can follow it's owner, but can ALSO walk as a pair.  Additionally we are now testing them walk as a herd (group follwer feature).
The horses walk, graze and run and we can let them focus on one of those behaviors.
Upcoming are interactions with other objects, either with other horses or with animals that could be seen as a threat.
So we are quite happily extending our animal's behaviors, be it with more enthusiasm than skills, but we are happy to learn in the process of this fun group effort. 
Scripted animesh animals that can be found on this region are, foxes, wolves and horses.

7.    The Eagles

You will discover that WesLorien has 4 or 5 eagles that roam around.  If you feel adventurous, you can call an eagle (by clicking it) and it will grab you and roam around the region.  Just tap its claws (stand up) if you want to resume traveling on foot again.

8.    The Cenote [ Water Cave ]  (242, 651, 20)

Find a tree stump teleporter and teleport to the [Water Cave], also called a Cenote 
walk to the Giant Sylvan elven tree and turn right up hill towards the bridge.  When you cross the bridge (caution: be careful, it is not well maintained !) and keep left, you will arrive at the most beautiful sand beach you can find on the region.  Relax and enjoy.  When you feel like chiling, find a spot on the meadow in front of the cave.  The Cave itself is one of the most ancient places we know.  It was formerly a place of warship, but Is now mainly used for visitors’ entertainment and dancing for it’s atmosphere is quite special.