For an sweet, short and optimal visit, it's good to know the nifty whimsy accents and cuddle spots that make a visit worth your while.

The Bench at the Landing Point

Take a moment to rez.  Have a rest at the bench at the Landing Point.

The bench in front of you is a custom build and contains a wonderful animated love story for couples.

  • While sitting, click [couple] or [GROUPS] -> [couple] if you don't see the couple button.
    The animations sequence automatically :)
  • The bench contains a rose with love songs, click [OPTIONS] --> [Special] -> Get Items
    to receive the rose and WEAR it.  Now you can play the love songs in the rose.
    The rose was made by OnlyOne Jewell in SecondLife. OnlyOne is my female alt since Jan 2007.
    We ran a business called Songs n Roses with two friends, Kev Oyen and Pepper Ducatillon, who met
    in SL married in SL, married in RL and now live a happy RL in Georgia USA.
    We met in RL and keep in touch regularly to this day.
  • Take a copy of the bench home.  There are several contemporary, steampunk and medieval designs in it. Pick your flavour.

Neiferleaf's Old Oak Woods

The whole of Neiferleaf is intended to be a relaxing and nature friendly environment.  While sitting on the bench you can listen to the many birds residing here, a good few of which are unique recordings of black birds, coucou's and some other local birds found in my home country.    

Leaves are starting to fall some wondrous sounds might flow with the wind.  Some come from the old well leading to WesLorien, the ancient Elven Woods not very far away.  just follow the lights, they will guide you on your way. Stride silently for there are bears and hungry wolves in the woods, here in the old oak woods as well as to the east of the castle where you can experience rather strong forces of magic.

The Epic Castle and its Dungeons

When entering the gates of the castle area, you'll enter the GREAT HALL when you go through the only double door at the castle courtyard. From there you can discover the castles interior. Walk into the paintings such as
- the LIBRARY,
- the BALL ROOM,  
- the THRONE ROOM (walk through the double door in the great hall) and adjacent (left at the throne room)
- THE PRISON.  Discover the escape route the prisoners have been digging and follow their traces into
- the DUNGEONS of Neiferleaf.

Port Town and Titan Village

When you cross the water that separates the two regions of Neiferleaf you enter Port Town, where the famous Repair Shop can be found,. Farmers and craftsmen try to sell their goods on the marketplace. From there the path leads to Titan Village.  It is rumored that the apothecary there has many rarities on offer. 
Further down the road, you will find the inn farm (themed by Cata Raven), where weary travelers find a warm welcome. Come and take a seat near the fire while the innkeeper's wife will serve you the finest food and wine. The paths lead on and when you are lucky you find a cave where fairy tales still exist  The white horse will give you a clue. 

Branwen (by Cata Raven) 

Along winding paths, over brooks, through flowery meadows and over steep mountains you may suddenly find yourself in the misty woods of Branwen. Have the courage to wander further and you will find the secret dwelling of the witch.
Beware of her wicked spells......