ViBel is a HyperGrid enabled virtual worlds network. The platform is based on BSD licensed software provided by the OpenSimulator Project since it was founded in January 2007. It was initially open sourced by Linden Lab to crowdsource code contributions for its virtual world called Second Life.
On average, software updates are released weekly by the OpenSimulator Project Dev Team.  The current release of ViBel is version 0.9.2.x.

In addition to its initial functionality, OpenSimulator worlds offers enhanced VR features. These include, for example,Opensim logo

  • Large Landscapes: ViBel and all opensimulator virtual worlds offer the ability to have multiple regions combined into giant regions, resulting in highly enjoyable large landscapes, as in contrast to the 65000 sqm regions known in Second Life.
  • Hypergrid functionality: ViBel is an open grid platform, that enables its users to teleport (visit) any hypergrid enabled virtual world (grid), to co-create in these worlds and collect virtual objects to bring them home and use them on a ViBel region that you cal your home.
  • Large Objects can be rezzed (used) and enlarged up to up to 256 meter (as oposite to only 10 meter on Seconde Life,
  • Building Height is possible up to 10,000 meters high.

The server concept of Vibel provides an open simulator network (Grid), in which the individual Simulators (SIMs, local OpenSim installations) can connect to the central grid server. Technically, an OpenSim grid consists of a variety of individual, distributed OpenSim installations. ViBel also hosts its own SIMs, including the region of "Neiferleaf" as the central meeting point and touchdown at the ViBel Grid.

A part of these regions is also offered as rental regions at an attractive price of € 10.00 per month/sim-equivalent.
The combination of the ViBel mainland and locally hosted regions creates a cluster of interconnected virtual worlds. The avatar can move freely through these distributed worlds, as if they were installed on one single computer.

Furthermore, avatars (users) can not only teleport between regions at ViBel, the grid also facilitates hypergrid connectivity, meaning that everyone can visit and remotely communicate with other hypergrid enabled virtual worlds (Grids) and their users, many of which are featured on The avatar will keep his inventory on his journey and he is also able to collect interchangeable assets acquired at any foreign Grid.

The ViBel grid offers free services, like OSGrid in the US, Soul Grid in Germany and many others. The grid services are provided free of charge by the ViBel operators. Any interested user is invited to test the capabilities of the ViBel grid and to participate in the development of OpenSim and the Grid. The aim of this project is to spread and deepen the knowledge and the development of useful applications in the area of ​​open VR worlds. ViBel was designed primarily for English-speaking users. But the Grid is open for all languages and nationalities. Several non-profit projects in education and research are established or under construction. For more information about this projects ask the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..