It is our hope that you will come and enjoy the role-play. Here are a few simple rules:

1. Pick up after yourself. Feel free to rez those items you need for your RP but remember to pick them up. If you have an ongoing RP line please contact Roland Francis (the SIM Owner) and considerations will be made to set the build up permanently.

2. No Griefing. We are all here to have fun.

3. No Rape.

4. No Nudity.

5. Keep local chat In-Character (IC). Out-Of-Character (OOC) chat Should be in private IM's.

6. No Net-speak. (LOL. LMFAO, ROTFLMFAO, brb, ttyl, omg, etc.). If your character needs to laugh then laugh in-character.
    Example > /me laughs out loud.

* (Rules 5 and 6 will be strictly enforced).