Neiferleaf Roland and OnlyOne


Mul - Original GIFT colonizers. Now extinct or absorbed into indigenous inhabitants of Vibel 7. They have lost all knowledge of technology.

Itonian - Current GIFT personel bound to the Prime Directive

Kel - Agrarian, Craftsmen. Druidic.  Tribal

West Dax - First Dax invaders. Now absorbed into a feudalistic lifestyle.

Wal - Sophisticated Monarchy. Master metal workers, Scholars, Money handlers.

East Dax - Second wave of invaders from the East of the Continent.   


Elf - from the Kel Wilderness (see 'All things Elven')

Dwarf - from the  Wylds

Faerie - from the  Wylds


Canine wild dogs, domesticated dogs,

Feline - large Cats, domesticated cats

Mammalian  - ferrets, badgers, deer, etc.  

Mythical Creatures

Dragon - There is one known Dragon. It was disturbed and released by the Wal when they built a cathedral in their mountain home.

Unicorn -