Welcome to Vibel-7, the City of Neiferleaf and the surrounding realms of Kel East Dax, West Dax, Iton, and the Star-Station.
What you need to know:

1. Concept

Planet ViBel-7 offers regenerative radiation and therefore incredible lifespans, live in harmony with nature and reject advanced technology.

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Similar to the planet of Star Trek IX - Insurrection, planet ViBel-7 is part of the United Federation of Planets and falls under the Prime Directive. The planet's gravitational interaction with it's pink-ish Sun and 3 sister planets results in an extreme slow evolution of time, which is not the only reason of the Federation's ressearch. More intreguingly, the waters of ViBel-7 have regeneration abililties for in- and outworlders.

The Time Frame is similar to 12th century Earth time.  Learn more about the discovery of ViBel-7 and the role-play concept.

2. Role-Play Rules

3. Neiferleaf and The Lands of Vibel-7

4. Known Races - Who dwells here

5. Technology

There is no technology on the surface of the land or in the air above. The Technology of the people is limited by the Itonians, The Gifted, and the Prime Directive.


There is no current sovereign, (King, Queen, Earl, Duke, etc.) but there can be and that is up to you and your RP. Gather your friends and establish a Court of Royals.
The following Factions are permissible to rule:

East Dax
West Dax

The following are not permitted to rule - Itonians of the G.I.F.T. (Galactic Itonian Federation of Trade).


For those that do not seek to Rule there are Guilds to join >

* Scholars Guild - Story writers and historians

* Craftsmen Guild - builders

* Butcher Guild - those who make or sell meats,

* Merchants Guild - Those who build, create, and or sell Marketable goods, (Food other than meat, furniture, beverages, etc. )

* Clerics Guild - This is the current religion of the land which can change as the ruling class changes. As the religion changes the other religions go into hiding. They still exist and practice just not in the open.

* Healers Guild - These are the physicians of the realm.

                                        ***** A Note About Guilds*****
In this realm guilds were established to protect the stability of the middle and lower classes from the instability of the Royals.

                                *****What need to know about you*****