The Outworldz One-Click Hypergrid is a Microsoft Windows-compatible virtual reality Opensimulator system that is easy to install, easy to run, and powerful. It it free and is open source.

Anyone can run their own grid from home or at work. One-Click-Opensim automatically configures routers for the Hypergrid with Plug and Play. It is preconfigured for the Hypergrid, and has both the "Diva" version of OpenSim with Diva’s WiFi admin interface, and the latest Version (0.9) of Opensimulator for you to use.

Outworldz Opensim is now running on +1400 new grids (updated feb 22 2017).

If you cannot hypergrid with this, or have problems, please send an email directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will get you online. He'll send instructions on how to send your logs, and if he cannot remotely diagnose and fix it, he will personally schedule a session with you and share screens to make sure you get online.

Detailed info on

Download the package directly from GitHub


Outworldz Opensim has Free Dynamic just released a Beta V1.33 which supports a new built-in ( and free! ) Dynamic DNS system so your friends can find you easily by name on the domain. I've seeded it with over 25,000 cool names but you can also choose your own grid name at any time. Just click the Advanced panel and click the DNS Name. It also has better, faster diagnostics which will help you get to the Hypergrid more easily. You can create multiple regions, give them any name and make them any size as shown in the pictures. Switch between Bullet, ODE and UbODE physics engines with just a click. It's compiled with both and the latest 0.9.x, too. The zip file should be extracted into a new folder, then click Start.exe. Answer a few questions to create your first avatar and it is ready to go. Please do not overwrite your existing installation! This will probably change in the next few weeks before it goes into the auto-updater for general use.

This is just a first step of our website getting ready to help you anticipate to a virtual life where you are in total control. Allow us some more time to get the content in. However, if you think you can contribute, let's get in touch a soon as possible. Your help is very welcome ;)